Raspberry Red Leaf Cut and Sifted Organic


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Raspberry Red Leaf Cut and Sifted
Organic, Non GMO, Gluten-Free,
Power Plant for Flavorful and Tangy Tea
 Origin: Bulgaria
Botanical name: Rubus Idaeus L.


 Red Raspberry Leaf Cut Sifted Certified Organic 


Red raspberry leaves are cultivated in northern climates. Their leaves have been touted for their health benefits during and after pregnancy, such as boosting milk supply in lactating women and inducing labor in pregnant women.

Certified Organic Cut and Sifted Raspberry Leaf contains non-irradiated raspberry leaves that are freshness dated. To ensure a fresh flavor that's always pure and natural. 

 Red raspberry leaf is used to make a tasty tea and is often combined with other tea herbs to give the beverages a more robust flavor.

Our Organic Red Raspberry Leaf (Rubus idaeus L.) is a pleasant-tasting, caffeine-free herb commonly used in teas and DIY herbal body care items and products. It is non-irradiated, fresh raspberry leaves combined with other kinds of herbs to provide a flavorful boost to beverages. Raspberry carries tannins that contribute to the slightly-acidic note of this flavorful herb.

Bulgarian farmers remove the young and vibrant leaves from the cane, wash and dry them thoroughly, and process them for a high-quality blend that provides superior flavor. These leaves are 100% certified organic, kosher certified, and non-irradiated.


Raspberry Red Leaf Benefits:

  • Good Source of Nutrients and Antioxidants
  • May Help Shorten Labor of Woman Giving Birth 
  • Reduce Interventions and Complications of Childbirth
  • Uses in Pregnancy


To prepare as a tea, put 8 oz of boiling water over 1 tbsp of herb. Cover and steep 5-10 minutes, strain and serve immediately.


  • As a tea, 1–3 cups per day is appropriate ( 8 ). It's recommended to limit your intake to 1 cup per day if you choose to consume it earlier in pregnancy. If you experience Braxton Hicks contractions during pregnancy or have spotting in the second or third trimesters, you should discontinue use. Always consult your dr. before takin any herbs.  

Safety Guidelines:

  • Studies have shown that red raspberry leaf tea can help to make labor faster and reduce complications and interventions during birth. One study found that women who consumed RRL tea regularly are less likely to go overdue or give birth prematurely. These women may also be less likely to receive an artificial rupture of their membranes or require a cesarean section, forceps, or vacuum birth than the women in the control group. Red raspberry leaf has many other benefits to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum too.  


CAUTION: If pregnant, nursing, suffering from any medical condition, or taking medication, consult a health care practitioner before use. Avoid eyes and mucous membranes. Test before use. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.


  • Once the leaves are dry, store leaves lightly packed in a glass jar away from direct sunlight. Try not to crush them to reserve the flavor until you are ready to brew your tea.

Expiration Date: March, 2024

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